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Got a new website? It's your sole trader on the Web: it needs to speak the language of your clients. If you want to reach foreign clients, translate website into other languages. We do it exceptionally well and fast.

Websites — Translation, Localization, SEO

Do you want to translate a website? Call or send us an e-mail. We have the experience and the competence. We specialize in website translation. We cooperate with verified translators, we have our own IT department, and we have completed numerous translation projects.

The translation of websites can pose many problems. The most common ones are:

  • translated text is longer than original
  • the webpage structure is distorted
  • website elements omitted during translation

To cater for the site positioning, we translate websites with the use of keywords. This is what comprehensive website translation is really about.

Before we start translation process, we check the amount of text to be translated and make the quotation. After the translation we perform quality assurance to see whether the original layout of pages was retained. If needed, we make the necessary adjustments of graphic elements.

Website Translation — HTML, PHP and JS Files

Websites are created with the use of page description language — HTML. The text that you see in the browser window is actually a text woven into the HTML code. Sometimes it is easy to separate it from the code, and sometimes it, alone, contains good amount of such codes. This applies mainly to formatting codes and links. Usually, the files in scope are:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • XML
  • JavaScript

We, of course, support translation of these file types, and we know well the problems that may occur during such a translation. If you have such files for translation, just send them to us. We will analyze the amount of text contained in them and provide you with a good quotation.

Experienced Translator, IT Department and CAT Software

Website translation is the most important step when creating a new version of a website addressed to the foreign customer. Selection of the right translator and at least one more person for proofreading is particularly important. There are also difficulties stemming from technical problems. Then you need help of IT specialist.

We have access to experienced translators, proofreaders and specialists of various industries. Our IT department is responsible for technical side.

For website translation, that is translation of HTML, PHP and similar files, we use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. They provide the best possible control and quality of the translation.

Wordpress Website Translation

What if your website is built on Wordpress? Translation of website based on this CMS can be done in many ways. It can be the translation of:

  • formatted text entries or pages
  • HTML pages of entries
  • .PO / .POT / .MO files

Before starting the translation we suggest the best solution, fit to circumstances and needs. Contact us and we will do the rest. If you do not know what to do, we will advise.

Website Translation — That Is Localization

Unlike standard translation, website translation often requires localization. Localization is nothing more than adjusting the content for the preferences of foreign recipient of the website.

In the case of foreign recipient it boils down to changes in date formats, names, etc. Sometimes more extensive changes in text are needed. All depends on subject and field, to which content of translated websites are devoted.

Multilingual Websites — How to Do It?

Website translation is not only about text translation. It is also the matter of decision: where and how to “organize” the new language version of the site.

There are different options. Although, each is connected with consequences you need to be aware of. New website may function as a separate site. They may be separate sites located in sub-catalogue of the functioning website. In the case of Wordpress site, a plug-in may be used to create multilingual sites, or, simply, it is enough to create new entries or sites and assign them to new category.

If you do not know how to start, contact us. We can offer our advice and help in making the right decision.

Website Translation – What Next?

Potential customers should be able to find each page the easiest possible way. This also applies to the new language version of an existing site. What does this have in common with the translation? A lot.

What is more, proper planning of the website translation is significantly important. What is it all about? Among others, the goal is the placement of added language versions based on the company policy.

If you want your website to be viewed often by foreign consumers, it must be positioned. The right preparation of its content is necessary. When it comes to website translation, the so-called SEO translation is the solution. We know where to start with it.

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