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Would you like to expand your client base? Contact us. Meet the people who have turned their passion into a way of life. We’re proficient in what we do—and we love it! We’re also the happiest when our clients are satisfied with our translation services.

We start it all in the garage

German studies, Dutch studies and programming languages. Applications written on a Commodore, educational software for students on PC. Its not a translation agency yet. We start assisting companies with their market promotions: we translate their materials for foreign clients. This is the root of DTP studio and translation agency.

We typeset text in QuarkXPress and PageMaker, on PCs and Macs. We cooperate with printing works. The idea of translation agency is already in our minds. We get more and more translation projects. The clients come from around Poland, and texts, with an increasing frequency, are sent via modem.

2000: we commence our translation services under the name Slavis Translations. Translation agency officially exists. Our first headquarters is located in a garage and our primary way of communication becomes the Internet.

Who are the clients of our services?

We're contacted by the heads of documentation departments, employees and owners of companies. They handle much of this on their own, but, frankly, how much time can they devote to the translation process? Texts corrected repeatedly never look good enough. And the rest of the duties are put on hold. When time starts to be a factor, we receive an email or call—with a request for a quotation.

These are the companies which would like to become big names abroad and those which count on drawing the attention of foreign clients. Their goal: a greater number of recipients. Information materials, trade fair presentations, website contents and documentation of services or products are needed. In the end, there are contracts signed, which need to be translated. We secure all of this for them. All you need to do, is to check the clients opinions about Slavis.

Why do people like us?

We greet everyone with a smile. We ask how we could be of help and we do our utmost. We have always wanted to run a modern translation agency. Different than others.

  • We openly discuss what we can and cannot do
  • We know the problems that may occur
  • We don’t surprise anyone with hidden costs as other translation agencies
  • We meet all deadlines
  • We respect time—both ours and our clients’

That’s why people like to work with us. We have modern, professional translation agency. The way we wanted it.

Why there is a need for investments in translation services?

Why do we willingly buy newer versions of products? We do so because we would like our camera to take better quality pictures, our washing machine to wash thoroughly and cost-efficiently and a computer to work faster.

The same is the case with services. A better educated dentist, using newer equipment and materials will deal with our issues better, is the one to trust, and will always be a better choice.

That's why we invest in up-skilling, getting to know new technologies and constantly upgrading our hardware and software. Thanks to this, we support the most up-to-date formats of document typesetting and editing, tools for aided translation.

That is why, we are the better choice.

Translation agency and quality — ISO 17100 standard

ISO 17100:2015 standard is the latest international quality standard related to translation services. There is nothing more demanding than this. As every standard, it gives no guarantee but provides order and discipline.

The ISO 17100 standard puts the highest demands on the competence of translators and the qualifications of other translators. According to its guidelines, all activities are documented and verified. Translation can only be performed by qualified, experienced translators.

What does this mean for the customer? It means that the translation agency providing translations in accordance with ISO 17100:2015 standard will not allow translation to be performed by a person without relevant education, competences and qualifications.

More on the topic at Slavis — the quality in accordance with ISO 17100 standard.

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