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Polish translations — the best way to Polish market

If you are looking for new markets and new business contacts that will allow you to grow your business, than there is no better place in East-Central Europe than Poland.

To reach Polish market you have to start with website in Polish language. It should contain Polish version of documents, supporting materials and information on your business.

To do that, you need a reliable, trustworthy partner that will deal with all Polish translations — such as Slavis Translations.

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Polish Translation Company

Slavis Translations is a translation agency operating for more than fifteen years. During this time we have established cooperation with many Polish translators. To this day remained only those who provide translations of the highest quality.

We have been carrying out translation projects for companies and agencies in Western Europe for years now. Among others our offer includes:

  • English to Polish translation services
  • Polish to English translation services
  • English to Polish localization services
  • Polish to English localization services
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP) services (with high focus on Polish language characters)
  • Website translations with preparation for SEO optimization for Polish language

Full service of Polish translations

The success or failure on the market depends on the quality of Polish translation. Slavis Translations secures full translation service. What does “full service” mean?

  • Access to professional Polish translators (always native speakers)
  • Documentation technical support — DTP, electronic publications, website translations
  • Quality system certified to ISO 17100:2015
  • Additional proofreading, check done by second translator
  • Support of Polish to English translations and English to Polish translations

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Experienced Polish translator — makes a difference

Slavis Translations cooperates with experienced Polish translators only. Every translator has the appropriate education, skills and — most importantly — experience. Many translation agencies select Polish translators without experience, because it means lower costs.

Not us, however. We know that only experienced Polish translator can provide the highest quality of translation. We provide the translations that are subjected to additional proofreading by a second translator.

We work according to ISO 17100:2015 quality standard for translation services. As a result, we, indeed, provide top quality. Our customers are always satisfied.

English to Polish translation

In our case, English to Polish translation is a translation done by Polish translator — always a native speaker. The translation is then checked by a second Polish translator.

If English to Polish translation pertains to a complex document, we also provide technical processing — Desktop Publishing and graphic editing. So as to make Polish translation as close as possible to the English original.

Polish to English translation

We also offer Polish to English translation service. In this case, translation is carried out by an English translator. If it is a native speaker, additional checking is done simply by the second Polish to English translator.

If the translation is not done by a native speaker, the second translator who checks Polish to English translation is always a native speaker.

Translation into Polish and Polish translator — ISO Quality

The ISO 17100:2015 quality standard for translation services requires translation to be done by an experienced and qualified translator. Translation should also be further proofread by another, also an experienced linguist.

Slavis Translations is a translation agency certified to DIN ISO 17100:2015. We meet its requirements and our translations are of the highest quality.

Website translation

Slavis Translations, among other things, specializes in website translations into Polish. Website translation is more complex than it seems. It is not enough to have Polish translator. Standard translation is not enough as well.

Good Polish translation of website is about matching the language to the Polish audience. It is a translation that will make the Polish internet user interested in the described product or service.

Website translation is also a preparation for SEO — that is the translation aimed at increasing the chances of a website to be promoted across the internet and listed high in browser hits for Polish consumer. Standard translation will not ensure such a success.

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