Document and Technical Translations

Document Translation

You've got a text to translate? You came to the right place! We provide document translation. We translate presentations, catalogues, manual instructions, etc. We care about the quality, retain the original layout and support every file format.

Documents, presentations, manual instructions…

To reach a foreign client, translating a website is not enough. You need to be ready for the client's interest. When a client contacts you, it's good to have leaflets, brochures and other information materials — in the language the potential client speaks in.

We can help you with document translation. We translate documents such as:

  • legal act
  • agreement
  • financial report
  • presentation
  • advertising materials
  • brochure
  • information materials
  • instruction manual
  • user guide
  • parts catalogue
  • product catalogue
  • technical documentation
  • motors documentation
  • patent
  • business letters
  • business correspondence
  • product labels

and many more.

Technical and specialized translations

Slavis is leading expert in technical and specialized translations in various subjects. In last years we handled many complex translation projects in fields such as:

  • IT translations
  • Website translations
  • Science translations
  • Technical translations
  • Multimedia translations
  • Telecommunications translations
  • Business translations
  • Financial translations
  • eCommerce translations
  • Marketing translations
  • Legal translations
  • Automotive translations
  • Medical translations
  • Business correspondence translations
  • Electronics translations
  • Machinery translations
  • Building translations

and many other specialized translations, which we are not able to mention here.

Document translation — file formats, DTP corrections

If your documents are created with the use of software for typesetting (Desktop Publishing), contain graphic elements and feature a complex structure — no problem at all. Our technical department will see to it, so that the layout of the translated document is the same as the original one. You may send the files in the following formats:

  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe InDesign and Ilustrator
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • PDF

Trados — Usage of Previous Translations

We use CAT tools (SDL Trados Studio and Transit) in the process of translation. These are pieces of software aiding the translation process. Employing them generates direct benefits for our clients:

  • possibility to use previous translations
  • higher accuracy and better quality
  • better control
  • consistency in terminology
  • lower prices
  • shorter deadlines
PDFs, Word, Excel, InDesign?
Document translation of every type and file format.
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