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Check ours! We use modern solutions based on verified standards. We optimize translation costs. We employ best practices based on the ISO standard. We know how to provide good quality.

We lower translation costs efficiently

Almost every text contains repeated or similar passages. Vast number of translators and translation agencies do not mention that the translation of repetitions can be performed automatically, with slight involvement of the translator. That is possible with the widely used CAT software.

The more repetitions in a text, the less work for translator. Thus, the lower the cost. Haven’t heard of it before? We always say of it. What are the text in scope here?

  • instruction manuals
  • catalogues and brochures
  • updated versions of previously complied documents

and a vast majority of the rest.

Our quality in accordance with ISO 17100:2015 standard

We have been providing translations for years. We have the experience and the worked out procedures and the effective project management. What determines the quality?

  • carefully selected, verified translators
  • use of CAT software significantly improving the accuracy of translation
  • project management and procedures in accordance with ISO 17100:2015 standard
  • years of experience in multilingual translations

We are providing our services in accordance with the latest and the most demanding ISO standard concerning translations. We meet all its requirements — for example, we cooperate only with verified translators having proven qualifications.

Our clients are satisfied — and this is confirmed by the references they issue. Personally, not anonymously.

The list of selected testimonials can be viewed here.

We support every language and every file type

We provide comprehensive translation service. We translate to every language. For years we have been managing our in-house IT department. We provide complete translations of:

  • publications for printing
  • e-publications
  • websites

and any other type of documents.

None of our clients is left with an unsolved problem. We provide completely translated documents. Meeting the requirements and agreements in 100%.

Special conditions in the case of permanent cooperation

Permanent cooperation equals numerous advantages. More specifically:

  • permanent special discount
  • additional lowering of costs thanks to application of translation memory
  • access to the same translators (terminology consistency across subsequent translations)
  • better task management and more convenient deadlines

Additionally, with multilingual orders, depending on the volume there is an opportunity to win additional significant savings.

Taking into consideration all the advantages, the price offer in the case of permanent cooperation may be significantly lower than standard price.

It is worth considering, what is the best bid.

Send your files for analysis and see how much you can save!
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