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Learn tricks of professional translators. Get know translation tools and translate more efficiently. Become a translator with a future.

Tips and solutions from Ninja courses

Free tips, solutions and explanations to problems you can come across as a translator. Some of them are related to software used in the office, other to the most important applications — the computer asisted translation tools. Shortly and clean, just to give you an idea what skills you will need as a professional translator and how you can improve your efficiency.

What are CAT tools?

What are computer assisted translation tools? What benefits do they bring? When to use them and what CAT tool to choose? Shortly explained! Watch the tutorial –>

Microsoft Word — problems when translating documents

This video presents few most important issues that you as translator cannot ignore before you start to translate documents created in Microsoft Word or a similar text editor. Watch the tutorial –>

Microsoft Excel — line breaks

Translation of an Excel sheet can be problematic. Even more problems we can come across when we copy a table from Excel to Word and then we try to copy it back. But there is a solution. Watch the tutorial –>

CAT — why to use translation tools

If you, dear translator, want to get jobs tomorrow you have to learn new tools. Translation tools. Computer assisted translation is translators' today and tomorrow. Watch the tutorial –>

CAT — how to use CAT tools

Using CAT tools is much easier than people think. Higher accuracy, better quality and efficiency. All that you can have if you want. See how these tools work. Watch the tutorial –>

Microsoft Word — how to show invisible characters

Invisible characters in Microsoft Word documents can be very useful. They make possible to keep maximum control over text formatting. How to show and hide them? Watch the tutorial –>

Repetitions — main feature of CAT tools

What are repetitions and why computer assisted translation is just better than the traditional way to work. How much more efficient can be translation with a cat tool like Trados. Watch the tutorial –>

Microsoft Word — translate side by side

Side by side translating is the perfect way to go if you do not have any CAT tool but you need a good method to translate a Microsoft Word document. How to do this? Watch the tutorial –>

Computers & Co.

Translation solutions related to various applications: text editing, DTP, data bases and web sites.

CAT tools

What is computer assisted translation and what are CAT tools. How to use them properly to achieve higher efficiency.

Tips & Tricks

Learn tricks and solutions you may need when you come across problems before, during or after translation.