What are CAT tools

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What are CAT tools?


What are CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation or Computer Assisted Translation) and what you get when you use them. Shortly and to the point!

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CAT — Computer Assisted Translation

What are cat tools?
Cat tools, like Trados or Transit, are programs that help to store and manage translations.

  • they do not translate
  • they do not do your work

but cat tools make your work

  • faster
  • better
  • and more profitable

How can they do that?

cat tools let you translate many file formats without using their source applications.
Just imagine: you receive an Adobe Indesign, XML, PDF or HTML, Adobe Framemaker document or any of Microsoft Office application files — Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

You really don’t have to buy applications from Adobe or Microsoft, nor any HTML editor.
One cat tool lets you translate documents in almost all known file formats.
Only one program to purchase and to master.

cat tools store and manage your translations.

What does it mean?

If you translate a sentence, you won’t have to do it ever again.
Your cat tool will do it for you in all your future projects.
Every time you come across a previously translated text passage, it’ll be translated using your previous translation, automatically, without consuming your time and efforts once again.
Very fast and without mistakes

Yes, it does sound like a dream, but it's true.

cat tools help you keep your translations more accurate.
They point out

  • all mistranslated or omitted numbers and dates
  • forgotten translations
  • they help to keep your work correct and consistent
  • they indicate any formatting mistakes

With their help you’ll use terminology from your client properly.

That's why big clients or translation agencies simply require using cat tools.
And in most cases, it's Trados Studio — in our opinion the most comprehensive, complete and best-featured cat tool in the world.

It always means more job opportunities and better quality.
If you try it out, you'll be asking yourself just one question: why so late?
We have been using it for years.
If you want to try it out, check out what we offer.

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