Video Courses for Translators

Learn tricks of professional translators. Get know translation tools required by big clients. Become a translator with a future.

What you'll learn?

Applications, solutions, tricks of professionals. Modern translation requires more technical knowledge than ever before. In our Ninja video courses you will find all you have to know.

Watch the tutorials:

  • whenever you want
  • how many times you need
  • on any device you have

How to become a Translator?

Traditional education path:

  • Language education
  • Mastering of translation skills
  • Specialization

New requirements:

  • Getting to know new Software
  • Mastering of CAT skills

Traditional education path is not enough anymore. As a translator you have to offer additional knowledge and skills. Where to gain them?

Free Tutorials and Solutions

Computers & Co.

You have to learn some applications. We know what is a must. Don't learn things you will never need.

CAT Tools

CAT tools are a bridge to the world of professional translation and big clients. Learn how to use them properly.

Tips & Tricks

Tips and solutions of professionals will change your life as a translator. Don't waste your time, use them!