What you'll learn

All technical knowledge you must know. Basics and most advanced features of modern tools. Best translation practices and tricks.

Ninja courses — what you'll learn

Ninja video courses for translators do not provide language education, nor do they train your language translation skills. Our tutorials contain the whole background knowledge, rich, true, experience based, you need if you're going to start your career as a professional translator.

What the courses cover

The video courses cover the entire range of translator activities, starting with worksplace organization and ending on using computer assisted translation technologies.

We present rules and guidelines. We show how to apply them every day. You will see how to use various applications and technologies to improve your translation capabilities.

You will learn about
  • requirements of smaller and bigger clients
  • work methods of translation agencies
  • price calculations
  • text editing and translation tools
  • document formats
  • communication methods
  • promotion of your service
  • computer assisted translation

and many more.

We do not just talk about how professionals work. We show you their methods and tricks that let you translate more accurate, comfortably and much faster than before.

Don't miss Opportunities

With Ninja video courses you can round out your translation skills easily. Don't miss out a new job or better translation project opportunities, because you weren't prepared.

Invest in Knowledge

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

— Benjamin Franklin