Excel — line breaks in cells

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Excel — line breaks in cells


Cells in Excel sheets can contain more than one text line. We show how to insert them to the cells and how to copy Excel tables to Microsoft Word and back.

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How to translate cells with more than one text line

Sometimes cells in Excel contain more than one text line

If you translate such Excel sheets, for example, by putting in the translation next to the source columnyou will have to insert line breaks into the cells.

In such case you have to use the keyboard shortcut [Alt]+[Enter]

Sometimes, we copy Excel tables to Microsoft Word where we can translate them more comfortably.

But again, if they contain line breaks we will encounter problems when we'll try to copy the translated table back to the Excel.

Cells with line breaks will spread into more separated cells.

That's how to avoid it!

First, you have to replace all manuall line breaks in Microsoft Word into a string that probably doesn't exist in the text let's say, double slash //

Run the command Find and Replace and change manual line break to the string.

Copy the table to Excel and run the command Find and Replace again.

Insert double slash into the first field and click the second field.

Now, you have to use keyboard shortcut [CTRL]+[J] to insert the sign for the proper Excel line break.

If you click Replace All button all occurrences of double slash will change into Excel proper line breaks.

That's it!

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