CAT – why to use translation tools?

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CAT – why to use translation tools?


Translation tools is a must today. We present three most important reasons to use them. Have a look at them and ask yourself if you can translate without CAT tools.

Video Transcript

Three most important reasons to use translation tools

Why to use translation tools – 1

because you can translate better

Translation tools let you translate with much better accuracy. They indicate mistranslated or omitted numbers, forgotten translations and formatting codes. You can be really sure that your translation is consistent and the required terminology is used properly.

Why to use translation tools – 2

because you can translate faster

The main feature of translation tools is the ability to translate repetitions automatically. What does it mean? If a sentence occurs for the first time you have to translate it.

If it occurs again the translation tool will translate it automatically – faster and better than you could imagine. You really save your time and effort. You can also offer better price and delivery time your clients.

Why to use translation tools – 3

because you get more job opportunities

With translation tools you can translate documents in many file formats. Even if you do not have their origin applications. Besides, the clock is ticking.

If you want to keep your job also tomorrow you just have to learn new tools and how to improve your skills, also your technical skills that really matter.

There are much more reasons to use translation tools.

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