Repetitions — the main feature of CAT

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Repetitions — the main feature of CAT


Repetitions – we present shortly translation of a text with many identical sentences. Translation directly in Excel and by using a CAT tool. Really shocking difference!

Video Transcript

The main feature of every cat tool is the ability to remember the translation done by the translator.

CAT tools remember the translation and can translate repeated sentences automatically.

Let’s compare the translation process of the same text without and with a cat tool.

As an example we'll take a technical text with many identical sentences.

First, we will see a translation without a cat tool, directly in Excel.

Here we have an Excel sheet with the source text on the left.

The translation should appear on the right.

All we have to do is to put in the translation into the column on the right, row after row.

Our list is quite short and we could translate the whole text within few minutes.

But, similar data sheets contain mostly hundreds or thousands rows.

You can imagine, how long would it take to translate them.

Now, let’s see, how it works when we use a cat tool – like Trados.

In Trados we have to translate only first occurrences of the repeated items.

If they appear again the program will provide the translation automatically.

The part list that we translated before, directly in Excel, can be translated now extremely fast and with much less effort.

Trados translates for us all once translated and then repeated text pieces.

All of them are translated now and ready in seconds.

With no additional effort from our side with 100% one hundred percent consistency.

All green marked sentences you see have ben translated automatically.

That’s exactly why we strongly recommend using cat tools and what we encourage to do in our courses.

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